Some of SusTunTech work was presented and discussed as an example of sustainable fishing improvement using artificial intelligence within a requested study by European Parliament which has triggered this interview. In the interview, Dr. Fernandes talks about the win-win of reducing fuel consumption in terms of less emission and lower costs for the industry.

The citation for this study is:

Fernandes-Salvador, J.A., Oanta, G.A., Olivert-Amado, A., Goienetxea, I., Ibaibarriaga, L., Aranda, M., Cuende, E., Foti, G., Olabarrieta, I., Murua, J., Prellezo, R., Iñarra, B., Quincoces, I., Caballero, A., Sobrino-Heredia, J. M, 2022, Research for PECH Committee – Artificial Intelligence and the fisheries sector, European Parliament, Policy Department for Structural and Cohesion Policies, Brussels.