Demo of algorithms in MarineView

The demo will include early developments to be tested by Echebastar and other potential clients.

Project Output: At this point the new features incorporated in Marine View will be shown which is one of the exploitable results of the project W3 T3.1.

Link to the CORDIS EU research results here:

Report on models developed for propulsion efficiency and validation results

The modelling approaches selected will be described together with a repeated crossvalidation assessment.

Project Output: The results obtained with respect to the carbon footprint certifications and the results of the fuel consumption models will be included in this deliverable WP2 T2.1.

Link to the CORDIS EU research results here:

Data Management Plan 

The data management plan should be a deliverable with deadline at month 6. The type of deliverable of the data management plan must be ORDP otherwise you will not be able to submit the grant agreement to the Commission. The data management plan DMP is a document outlining how the research data collected or generated will be handled during a research project and after it is completed describing what data will be collected generated and following what methodology and standards whether and how this data will be shared andor made open and how it will be curated and preserved.

Link to the CORDIS EU research results here: