SusTunTech at Artificial Intelligence for the Wellbeing and Sustainability of Societies summer course (10th June 2021)

Dr. Josean Fernandes, researcher at AZTI, gives a lecture about applications of machine learning in Marine Sciences. He ends the lecture explaining the challenges faced by SusTunTech to reduce fishing vessels fuel consumption and how fishing decision systems are being designed and developed to confront these challenges.    

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Alumni form 6 different counties attended the the first Newcastle University Maritime Webinar

The First Newcastle University alumni Maritime Webinar was launched in May 2021. A total 18 Alumni from 6 different countries attended to challenge and share the latest research and experience in the maritime industry. Dr Kayvan Pazouki presented summary, including objectives of Sustainable Tuna Fisheries through Advanced Earth Observation Technologies (SUSTUNTECH) to the Newcastle [...]

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Installation of a radar in Biarritz

Installation of the X-band marine radar in Biarritz (France), on March 2nd, with the help of the city Council of Biarritz. Previous news about the radar: SusTunTech project meets Marlit project at Biarritz New marine radar installed in the Basque coast

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SusTunTech team explains the land instalation

Josean Fernandes, researcher at AZTI, explains the procedure for installing a replica of a sensor system for fishing boats to collect data to help them improve their fishing operations and work more efficiently. English versión -> Spanish version (by Iñaki Quincoces)  -> Read previous news about the land installation: Bye, bye land [...]

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SusTunTech project meets Marlit project at Biarritz

Sharing marine radar for long-time measurements and intercomparisons Lohitzune Solabarrieta, Ainhoa Caballero, Anna Rubio, Julien Mader, Iñaki Quincoces, Jose A. Fernandes After the first experience in the installation of the X-band radar in cape Higer during December 2020 to January 2021, the X-band marine radar was installed in Biarritz (France), on March 2nd, with the help of the city Council of Biarritz. This new installation was carried out by AZTI (Spain) and the Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht center (HGZ, Germany) in the [...]

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Bye, bye land installation

Jose A. Fernandes, Karl-Johan Reite, Iñaki Quincoces, Zigor Uriondo AZTI, EHU/UPV and SINTEF have finalized testing of the SusTunTech onboard system using a onshore prototype installation, and its main components have been packed for shipping to the second participating vessel. The land installation has allowed us to test devices to be installed in the [...]

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