SusTunTech participated in EMERGE project webinar organized by EuroGOOS

Dr. Manuel Aghito presented emissions estimations from scrubbers among other contaminants and polutants. These are results of the European projects in which our members are involved to foster collaboration between these initiatives and the creation of new opportunities. It will be presented by Dr. Manuel Aghito from the Norwegian Meteorological Institute, whose title is: Modelling [...]

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SusTunTech presents at the EuroGEO Workshop in Athens

The EuroGEO 2022 workshop, held December 7-9 in Athens, has shared the last contributions from European members of the Group on Earth Observations (GEO), a partnership composed of more than 100 national governments, over 100 organizations and the European Commission. Under the title "Towards an integrated and convergent EuroGEO", GEO anticipates a future in which [...]

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SusTunTech presented at the webinar of the Norwegian research center SFI Harvest

SFI Harvest is a Norwegian center for research-based innovation with six integrated research areas covering the entire biomarine value chain. It aims to develop scientific and technological knowledge for responsible harvesting and processing of underexploited species by developing new technologies that contribute to solving the global challenges of providing food for a growing population [...]

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SusTunTech at University of Basque Country (18 November 2022)

Dr. Fernandes has presented the goals and advances of the SunTunTech project on the digitalization of fishing vessels, route optimization by means of decision support systems (DSS) and species forecasting. The talk entitled “Ecological and economic sustainability of Fisheries: a prices and behaviour perspective” was held on November 18 at the [...]

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SusTunTech at Department of Industrial Engineering and Management (DEGI) club session (Oporto, Portugal)

Igor Granado has presented the advances of the SunTunTech project on the digitalization of fishing vessels, specifically, in their route optimization by means of decision support systems (DSS). The talk entitled “Fishing route optimization to enhance the economic and environmental sustainability of tuna purse seiners” was held on October 26 at the Faculty of Engineering [...]

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SusTunTech was presented at PRADS 2022

The 15th International Symposium on Practical Design of Ships and Other Floating Structures (, by UNEW group in the session of Energy Efficiency. PRADS is a traditional series of triennial symposia, aiming at an international exchange of new knowledge and achievements with regard to the design, research and development of ships and other floating structures. [...]

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