The final SusTunTech conference was held in La Spezia (Italy) on 27th and 28th February and was attended by all project partners.

During the first day, distinguished members of the Advisory Board participated and shared the results obtained. The second day focused on the presentation of the three innovative products generated as a result of the project: MarPrime Plus (from Maridis), Ratatosk 2.0 (from Sintef) and SmartMarineView (from Marine Instruments).

These three products represent a significant advance in the search for optimal and cost-effective solutions to improve the energy efficiency of tuna vessels by up to 25% compared to current practices. This, in turn, favours the reduction of pollution in fishing operations, but the project also enables the assessment of tuna stocks by improving data provision, data quality and index estimation; prevents bycatch through machine learning technologies; and helps to reduce FAD stranding episodes, which can sometimes cause damage to ecosystems. For all these reasons, SusTunTech represents a milestone in the search for innovative solutions for a cleaner and more sustainable fishing industry.

The European project thus enters its final phase with positive results. During the last two years, the team has carried out an intense dissemination activity, including the publication of eight papers, the participation in more than 20 conferences and 10 fairs, as well as the organisation of several events designed to disseminate the project’s progress and achievements among the scientific community and the fishing industry in general.