CARLOS GROBAMarine Instruments
Dr. Carlos Groba received his degree in Telecommunications engineering at the University of Vigo (Spain) in 2003. He also made a Master’s degree in 2010 in Optimization and Innovation, followed by a Master’s degree in economics in 2011, both at the university of Vigo. In 2017 he finished an Executive MBA by Afundacion, and in January 2019 he obtained his PhD in Applied Economy at the University of Vigo. Carlos is the ICT manager of Marine Instruments, joining the company in 2005 and creating all the high availability IT infrastructure to manage the IoT satellite communication, different visualization software for customers, the MES system for the factory processes control, as well as the creation of a 24×7 service for customer support in 2011, among others. He is responsible for the coordination of several R&D projects and has been leading the development of successful products for industrial applications. He is the main author of 2 JRC publications and also co-author of 2 patents/applications.
CARLOS ROMAYMarine Instruments
Carlos Romay Lombao is Computer Technical Engineer in Systems from the University of A Coruña (1997-2001). With more than 15 years of experience in software development in various sectors such as Fisheries, Industry, Health, Carlos has big experience in the software industry from different perspectives and direct contact with the customers that use the software developed. He joined Marine Instruments in 2014, since then he has collaborated in different projects and markets, such as MSB for Tuna and MSB Longline. He has also been leading the software development of a UAV specifically designed for tuna fishing “Tunadrone”. Carlos is currently the Project Manager of MarineView™ and MSB for both, tuna and longline.
SANDRA BRIÓNMarine Instruments
Sandra Brión Abuin holds a degree in International Business with mayor in Marketing, European Business School, London (2004). With more than 15 years of experience in the finance and banking sector and business analyst worldwide. Creative, resourceful, motivated, persistent, and determined with management and team restructuring experience across multiple locations, growing teams in highly competitive markets. An exceptional communicator with a consultative approach, strong negotiation skills and a keen sense for clients’ needs, a creative problem-solver and strategic thinker. Proven strength in team relationship building, business development, account management, leadership, and networking. Dedicated team player with the ability to quickly identify business needs and deliver results.
Ainhoa Álvarez-Borrás holds a degree in Translation from the University of Valladolid (2001) and two Master’s degree in International Business (2009) and Digital marketing (2019). Before joining the company in 2014, Ainhoa worked as translator and international trade consultant at several companies in Spain and abroad. As marketing specialist at Marine Instruments, she has been leading the company’s brand, communication and marketing strategy for both online and offline over the past 6 years. During her career at Marine Instruments, she has organized several events, including the 9th edition of the International Fisheries Observers and Monitoring Conference (IFOMC) held in Vigo in 2018.
Dr. Jose A. Fernandes has a PhD with honours in Probabilistic Methods for Data Mining and Artificial Intelligence (University of Basque Country) applied to fisheries research. Senior researcher expert on big data, information fusion and machine learning applied to marine research over more than 10 years. Fernandes has more than 40 scientific publications with publications in high impact journals about machine learning, marine environment and policy impact (e.g. Information Sciences, Environmental Modelling & Software, Environmental Science & Technology, Science of the Total Environment, Global Change Biology, Fish and Fisheries or Marine Policy). Fernandes is involved in the development of the new Climate Impact Indicators (CIIs) as part of Climate Change Services of Copernicus. Currently collaborating with FAO and GFW in the use of big data and machine learning to assess fishing activity intensity worldwide.
Amaia Barrena graduated in Business Administration (Marketing speciality) in 1997 by the Chamber of Commerce of Bilbao and got a Master in E-Commerce and E-Business by ESEUNE Business School in 2002. She has been working at AZTI since 1999. She is senior researcher at AZTI and is responsible for the Administrations’ Programs area. During her career at AZTI, she has directly participated in 3 European projects, mainly related to SMEs involvement in R&D&I actions and strategies to develop new food products and launch them onto the market. During the years 2009-2012, she was the Director of Innovation and Food Industries of the Basque Government, where she designed different strategies and management plans for the agri-food and forest-wood industries. She also managed different funding programs to support these strategies.
Principal Researcher at AZTI-Tecnalia’s department of Marine Research. He holds a PhD in Biology from University of the Basque Country (2002). He has more than 20 years of experience in different lines of marine research applied to fish biology, fisheries modelling, ecosystem modelling and Marine Strategy Framework Directive implementation and collection of data for the analysis of its indicators, collaborating in the tender WebGR and hosting this web tool. Principal Researcher for AZTI in 6 European Research projects, currently oversees the H2020 UTOFIA and DATABIO projects and was the leader of fisheries data collection in the ProAtlantic tender.
Irantzu Zubiaur is part of the Marketing and Communication Department of AZTI. She holds a degree on Communication (Journalism and Advertising specialties) and has completed a master’s in business administration (MBA). After specializing in corporate and scientific communication, currently she is responsible for AZTI’s communication strategy and content for both digital and print media. She has over 15 years of professional experience in various media and economic and cultural organizations at the international level, including the United Nations. Since joining AZTI in 2007, she has focused her journalistic work in the areas of food and marine research communication.
Dr. Karl-Johan Reite has a PhD degree in Marine Cybernetics and a MSc degree in Nautical Sciences. He has 10 years of experience as Research Manager, and he has managed and conducted many research projects focusing on gathering and analysing data from fishing vessels. He also has experience from leading positions onboard ocean-going fishing vessels. He currently leads a complementary work package in the H2020 research project DataBio and is involved in the H2020 research project SMARTFISH, which will provide background and basis for the proposed project. He is in lead of the SINTEF Marine Data Centre, for which the acquisition and analysis of data from fishing vessels are very important aspects.
Dr Alan Murphy is Reader in Maritime Engineering at School of Engineering, Newcastle University. Prior to academia he was previously a seagoing Marine Engineer for a decade. He is head of the Sustainable Shipping and Marine Engineering Research Group, which brings together multi-disciplinary researchers in all aspects of maritime sustainability, including reductions in energy demand and reductions in pollution from shipping. He leads numerous EPSRC, EU and industry funded projects. His personal research includes the reduction of energy in marine propulsion chains, reduction in air pollution from shipping and concepts for the environmental classification of marine transport systems for regulation and policy interventions towards ecologically friendly and low carbon shipping systems.
Dr Kayvan Pazouki currently holds a lecturer position in Newcastle University, school of Engineering. He has been seagoing marine engineer for nine years, before joining University. He has been involved in a European project concerning development of sustainable ballast water management system as project manager. He was Principal investigator (PI) for two Knowledge Transfer partnership (KTP) projects for the development of computer-based marine engine performance monitoring and emission prediction tool and the development of statistical and data mining techniques to extract business intelligence from operational data.
Dr. Zigor Uriondo Arrue is Senior Researcher in the University of Basque Country, where he holds a PhD in Thermal Engineering (2012). He has more than 10 year experience in after sales service in a marine diesel engines company where he worked until he started working in AZTI in the Energy Efficiency area in 2008. He works in the University since 2004 in partial time and in full time since 2013. He has participated in the writing of 9 peers reviewed and indexed papers. He is actually working in H2020 project DataBIO and has participated in 18 research projects funded by Basque Government involved in the energy efficiency area in vessels.
Paolo Castagnet, CEO, University Degree in Economics and Banking after different working experiences joined ZT in 1999 as sales manager and CEO since 2011.
Laura Marinello holds a degree in Political Science from the University of Padua and Certificate of high Formation from University of Venice in NeuroMarketing. She has a proven experience in both marketing and data analysis having worked for several years in B2B companies in different sectors. She specializes in the creation of communication supports, organization of trade & Fairs, trade marketing, marketing plan, socials media and others marketing activities. From 2020 she joined to the marketing department of Zephyr as Marketing & Reporting Manager.

Carlo Demonti has a University Degree in Economics and Marketing. He gained experiences in very well-known American and Korean multinationals dealing with processors and electronics before to join Zephyr in 2015 as Business Development Manager, Area Sales Manager later and Sales and Marketing Manager today.

Daniel Gau is the CEO and co-founder of the Maridis GmbH. He received his Master degree from the University of applied Sciences, Technology, Business and Design in Wismar in Germany. Before he established Maridis he worked on several R&D projects for the company EUB, an independent non-profit research organisation in Germany.

Hans-Hinrich Baier is a member of the R&D team at Maridis GmbH in Germany. He has 8 years experience in the development of measurement systems for large industrial diesel engines. He graduated in 2006 at the University of Rostock with a degree in mechanical engineering.

Janire Ortuzar holds a degree in “Business Administration” by the Chamber of Commerce of Bilbao and got a Degree in “Mangement and International Business” from the “Institut Européen de Commerce et de Gestion” in La Rochelle.
Since 2015, she has been involved in different departments of Echebastar, and is now part of the Comercial team of Echebastar.
She has coordinated the companies participation in H2020 DataBio Project, and is now coordinating the participation in H2020 Sustuntech Project.