Dr. Fernandes has presented SusTunTech to KISA master students to inspire them to do their thesis in marine science applications of machine learning. The marine science has many complexes that require a multidisciplinary team including computer scientist. The lack of computer scientist with some marine sciences knowledge has been one of the limitations identified for further development of artificial intelligence in marine applications.

The Computational Engineering and Intelligent Systems University Master (KISA) at University of Basque country (EHU/UPV) organizes every year an event for companies to present machine learning challenges to students so they can select real word problems for their master thesis. Dr. Fernandes has invited one more year to give a talk to inspire student to work on marine research. SusTunTech has many of the hot topics in computer science with a complex problem that requires to manage large amounts of heterogeneous data (Big data), machine learning and mathematical optimization.