Climate change is hot topic with COP26 meeting in Glasgow with high interest by the media. While much of the scientists work on climate change has focused on forecasting scenarios of impact, SusTunTech aims to provide some of the solutions. Prof. Xabier Irigoien and Dr. Jose A. Fernandes has been interviewed by Cadena Ser radio. Dr. Fernandes has explained how SusTunTech project aims to contribute to mitigate and adapt to climate change (

  • SusTunTech provide machine learning based approaches to reduce fuel consumption in vessels and the consequent emissions
  • SusTunTech provide machine learning based approaches to find better and closer fishing grounds as an adaptation strategy.
  • SusTunTech raise awareness about climate change and efficiency solutions.

The interview was triggered by the participation of Dr. Fernandes on a publication on the prestigious Nature Climate Change journal ( This publication is the result of a worldwide collaboration of modellers integrating results from multiple ecosystem models to estimate scenarios of climate change and the associated uncertainty. This latest work reveals that with reduced uncertainty the new model projections reveal higher risk due to climate change for fisheries future captures. Previous work of this group was published in the prestigious journal PNAS (

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