SUSTUNTECH project was shown in the framework of the “Fishing digitization as a sustainability tool: Opportunities and advantages of fishery digitalization” presentation, during the “XXV Technical Conference on Diffusion of the Fisheries Sector” that was held in Celeiro (Lugo, Spain) from November 25 to 27, 2021. This yearly appointment of the Cantabrian-Northwest sector, supported by the FEMP, is organized by the Fishermen’s Association and Port of Celeiro, together with the Galician Government. The aim of this conference, created by and for the fisherman, which this year celebrated its 25th anniversary, is to serve as a forum for discussion among the different actors in the fishing sector, namely fishermen, shipowners, politicians, scientists, etc. SusTunTech presented the advantages and main barriers for vessels digitalization, and the role of artificial Intelligence.