Zephyr Group participates in the European SusTunTech project based on digitalization and artificial intelligence to improve the ecological and economic sustainability of fisheries.
SusTunTech aims to develop new products that can help make more efficient decisions in order to limit pollution and increase digitalization on board. The employment of buoys, sensors installed on fishing vessels, oceanographic information from Copernicus, machine learning techniques, and artificial intelligence algorithms will contribute to the creation of three products that will optimize communication between different software and limit fuel consumption:

  • Ratatosk 2.0, produced by Sintef – Norway. It simplifies data communication and aggregation in systems with heterogeneous sensors, by making sensor data and derived data available through shared data space.
  • MarPrime Plus, produced by Maridis Gmbh – Germany. It helps to identify and solve deviations in fuel consumption. In addition, the deviation can highlight a need for maintenance and avoid engine failures that can have high economic and work impacts.
  • SmartMarineView, produced by Marine Istruments – Spain. It will allow individual vessels to improve their operations with less fuel consumption. Furthermore, the product will also allow the exchange of information across full fleets with strategies for coordination that will reduce further fuel consumption and give an advantage over other non-coordinated fleets.
  • Zephyr Group will take care of the communication and commercialization of the project, in fact, SusTunTech will initially focus on fishing vessels and then it will apply to all shipping companies, as well as power generation in CHP plants.