SFI Harvest is a Norwegian center for research-based innovation with six integrated research areas covering the entire biomarine value chain. It aims to develop scientific and technological knowledge for responsible harvesting and processing of underexploited species by developing new technologies that contribute to solving the global challenges of providing food for a growing population in a sustainable way. The research area “Digital Fisheries Decision Support”, led by SusTunTech work package leader Karl-Johan Reite, held a webinar focused on data-driven fisheries decision support. In this webinar, two presentations of the SusTunTech project were given. The 29 participants, mainly Norwegian, were fishermen, vessel owners, supplier industry and researchers.

Josean Fernandes, from AZTI, gave the presentation “The use of machine learning and oceanographic simulations to estimate catch potential”, explaining the challenges, objectives and methods when estimating catch potential for use in the oceanic tuna fishing fleet. For his part, Andrés Rodríguez, from Marine Instruments, gave the presentation “Commercial decision support for tuna fisheries”, in which he presented the history of Marine Instruments, its products and its focus on research and development.