The technical workshop was carried out in Echebastar premises in Bermeo with wide participation of all staff profiles last week (17th February 2022). AZTI, UPV/EHU and Marine Instruments presented the current advances and future project plans of SUSTUNTECH to Echebastar staff.

It was an opportunity to discuss about Fishing practices, energy efficiency and sustainability with the team from Echebastar involved in daily basis of the vessels. The scientists highlighted the main objective of reducing fuel consumption and its emissions in a world where worldwide captures are the same than 20 years ago with more fuel consumption and expected negative impacts of climate change on fisheries. The capacity of SusTunTech technologies to aid to climate change mitigation and adaptation was discussed. The success and limitations of vessels installations during the COVID period were discussed. Their importance to provide crucial data was highlighted while the important role of the vessels staff collaboration for current project success was recognised.