Dr. Manuel Aghito presented emissions estimations from scrubbers among other contaminants and polutants. These are results of the European projects in which our members are involved to foster collaboration between these initiatives and the creation of new opportunities. It will be presented by Dr. Manuel Aghito from the Norwegian Meteorological Institute, whose title is: Modelling shipping emissions with STEAM and ChemicalDrift: Some outcomes of the EMERGE EU H2020 project. These webinars were created to achieve the Action 4 of the Integration WS, and to encourage cooperation in oceanographic research, technology development, capacity building, and data sharing.

EMERGE is a 4-year project funded by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 programme, to systematically analyse the complex interactions between technological options, pollutant emissions and dispersion, and environment. It will carry out measurements and modelling on actual vessels, along main shipping routes and in sensitive European marine regions. Measurements will focus on abatement techniques and will include emissions to, and concentrations in water, air, and marine biota.

Despite this work focused on scrubbers not used in fishing vessels, it is likely that the methodology can be adapted to these vessels. SusTunTech members are in contact with one of the authors of STEAM through ICES group WGSHIP and forecast a potential collaboration within EMERGE, Mission Atlantic and SusTunTech projects.