Sustuntech project was represented by Iñaki Quincoces and Oihane Cabezas from AZTI at the World Maritime Week (WMW), an International meeting about Naval, Fishing, Ports, Oil&Gas and Ocean Renewable Energies.

In particular Sustuntech was presented at Eurofishing, one of the 5 one of the 5 WMW conferences. Eurofihing is a fisheries congress that includes an international Conference Programme, B2B Meetings with national and international shipowners and shipyards, Networking and an Exhibition Area.

Within the block on Digitalisation and Efficiency in Fishing Vessels, Iñaki Quinconces, expert in Sustainable Fishing Technology, focused on the opportunity offered by the data collected by marine vessels in general, and fishing fleets in particular, to improve fleet management, energy efficiency, stock management and knowledge of our oceans. As an example, he presented the SUSTUNTECH project, and explained the great progress that is being made in the digitalisation of the Basque tuna freezer fleet thanks to the project

At the end of Iñaki’s session it was the turn of Oihane Cabezas, also an expert in Sustainable Fishing Technology. Oihane spoke about energy-efficiency solutions applied to the fishing sector analysing solutions developed and applied internationally to improve fuel efficiency and reduce greenhouse gases from ships.