Some of SusTunTech work was presented and discussed at this presentation as an example of sustainable fishing improvement using artificial intelligence within a requested study. Species selectivity and emissions reduction in SusTunTech were presented. It was also discussed the importance of technological providers that take scientific advances into robust products for the sector and the importance of getting the fishing industry in these products developing and real environment testing like in SusTunTech. The study is in English, but there are translations of the executive summary in French, German, Italian and Spanish ( The session was streamed in real time and the recording can be also consulted (

The citation for this study is:

Fernandes-Salvador, J.A., Oanta, G.A., Olivert-Amado, A., Goienetxea, I., Ibaibarriaga, L., Aranda, M., Cuende, E., Foti, G., Olabarrieta, I., Murua, J., Prellezo, R., Iñarra, B., Quincoces, I., Caballero, A., Sobrino-Heredia, J. M, 2022, Research for PECH Committee – Artificial Intelligence and the fisheries sector, European Parliament, Policy Department for Structural and Cohesion Policies, Brussels.