The European Spatial Agency (ESA) has organized a clustering event through BOOMs and BICOME projects where SusTunTech was invited to present its novel vessels of opportunity approach to get environmental data. SusTunTech species distribution models were also presented as an example of the use of this data in a circular loop of vessels as providers and consumers of data. Europe have the ambition to have a space programme and a space agency that is world-class and is leading and providing data for industry, science and policy. The BOOMS project, funded by ESA, aims to provide the best possible characterisation of oceanic seascapes (habitats defined by physical, chemical or biological characteristics), and its relationship to Essential Biodiversity Variables (EBV) globally. It will produce a >10-year time series of seascapes based on 4-km resolution remote sensing data over the global ocean, combining independent datasets from advanced algorithms of ocean colour and sea surface temperature.