The two day event ( has bring together key industry stakeholders from the maritime and energy industry, regulatory and policy officers, consultants, solution and technology providers. The conference has provided in-depth looks into the transition towards decarbonisation through presentations, round-tables, panel discussions and interactive sessions. For the first European edition of this event, the discussions have addressed the biggest issues and challenges in decarbonisation and vessel efficiency, such as Providing Sustainable and Energy-Efficient Alternative Solutions to Fuels, Reaching the “Net-Zero” Goal by 2050, Ensuring a Commercially-Viable Transition to Decarbonisation, Overview of the Environmental Legislation, Encouraging Investments into R&D, and many more. SusTunTech has been at this event to learn from the shipping industry and for future collaborations where shipping industry can benefit from SusTunTech know-how and products. SusTunTech talk has been the only fisheries talk. The audience was particularly interested in the possibility of industry to help gathering environmental data for scientist. The potential usefulness of SusTunTech algorithm and products for other shipping industries was also discussed.