SusTunTech team (Dr. Fernandes from AZTI, Dr. Pazouki from UNEW and Dr. Reite from SINTEF) has chaired the session 2 about climate change mitigation by fishing industry in the most important international marine climate change conference. Dr. Carlos Groba has been the invited speaker as pioneer on route optimization (introduction to the subject and live demo of SmartMarineView). The session selected also talks from the SusTunTech team by Dr. Lohitzune Solabarrieta, Dr. Izaro Goienetxea and PhD student Igor Granado. Dr. Solabarrieta presented the data FAIR approach where fishers vessels became providers of environmental data, not only consumers of data. Dr. Goienetxea presented the high probability fishing grounds to reduce fishing effort and risk of bycatch using machine learning. Granado presented the route optimization with up to 35% reductions on time at sea and 50% reductions in fuel consumption. Dr. Fernandes also chaired a discussion table with all the speakers of the session to discuss where we are and next steps where the right communication and policies importance highlighted. This has been the first time that there has been a full session climate change mitigation by fishers in this conference.