SusTunTech actively contributes to this WGMLEARN in their activities, reports and meetings. This group had his last meeting this week (25-29 October 2021) to gather conclusions of their work and to define new steps such as defining the aims of a WGMLEARN2 group to extend their activities another three years:

The objectives WGMLEARN are to:

  1. review the current applications of machine learning in marine science as well as the new developments in machine learning that would be of potential interest
  2. identify key challenges
  3. inform data collection and storage to enable the use of machine learning on marine data archives
  4. identify trends and future needs, to promote the use of relevant machine learning technologies​

One of the challenges identified is the need of a multidisciplinary team with not only computer and marine scientist, but also with technological companies. SusTunTech has been recognized as an example of a successful integration of a multidisciplinary partners as highlighted in a report under preparation. This report will be part of ICES advisory reports aiming at scientist and policy maker.